Imaculata Conception

Mirela Baron


After a life crisis, and following my intuition of self-healing, making new experiences in the cyber world, becoming a regular in the Paulo Coelho’s, a social platform that bring and connect people, the idea of writing my own book brought me to follow a spiritual path that connects mind and the universe through the heart.   Unconditional love can be experienced in reality from every one of us, when the individual is prepared to make the decision to go in search of the path of love and the heart. The Christian Myth of Imaculata Conception is a path that could be done by everyone who has the determination and faith to experience it.  It is not reserved only for a privileged group of persons, and does not came in conflict with any additional beliefs.   The book takes place in five geographical stages: Vienna, Paris, Bukarest, Santiago de Compostela, and the fifth in a three dimensional place supported by fictional-emotional and cyberspace displacement.  Although biographical, its universal themes make it relevant to a world whose boundaries are dissolving via current media (the Internet) and whose political, economic, and cultural landscapes are changing.  This, then, is about an eternal story of love as demonstrated by my life that I offer for everyone to understand and learn from.